Reliable server in Europe

Are you looking for reliable server in Europe? DCXV (Xivicom) can provide that!

Today, despite a large number of offers, leasing of server can become quite a difficult task, because you need to choose a reliable Data Center equipped with modern powerful equipment that will ensure fast access of users to the necessary information, and hence the uninterrupted operation of your Internet resources. When choosing a server's provider it is worth taking into account its location, this factor will influence the further reliability of the sites in Internet.

European hosters are offering the most reliable server

Rent servers in Europe is popular for this reason - it is here that the largest traffic exchange points are located and fiber-optic Internet connections are made by reputable and reliable backbone providers. Against the background of such advantages, the domestic server platforms, undoubtedly, look very modest. In addition, as practice shows, quite often sites that are abroad "pings" much better than those located in the Data Centers of the countries of the former CIS. Quite often, domestic users of the Network gain access to sites from Russia through one or several European countries. In this regard, it becomes clear why placement on European sites is more profitable.

Renting a reliable server abroad, you will get a guarantee of reliable protection of valuable information. Data centers use four methods:

Hardware encryption. Data is coded at the hardware level. The information carriers are placed in places difficult to locate.

Software encryption. The data is encoded at the OS level. The keys are located not on the server itself, but remotely.

Legislative methods. The equipment placed abroad is not under Russian jurisdiction.

Organizational methods. Foreign data centers are complete confidentiality. Data center employees may not have access to your data at all.

In modern data centers, there are ultra-reliable data storage systems with the highest read and write speeds are implemented. Arrays of external hard drives are moved out of the servers. This greatly simplifies the process of its maintenance.

High reliability is achieved through duplication of system components. In the event of a failure of any equipment, the software switches the data streams to auxiliary devices. High-performance controllers, impressive cache sizes and a large number of hard drives provide high processing speed.

To prevent malfunctions in the software on our reliable server, DCXV uses clustering technology. Critical applications are duplicated between multiple physical or virtual servers. In this case, duplicates work under different OS.