Purchase dedicated server buy

Need advice where to purchase dedicated server?

Nowadays many webmasters are thinking about the need to purchase dedicated server. This adds them more possibilities from the fact that you can set to any required software before you independent of the choice of configurations. Maybe your site has become to consume more resources and you just need to physically expand.

In this article, we will tell you about how to choose a server and on what to put attention durring you purchase dedicated server. In our opinion the best solution would be to take a server rent only than to purchase. The benefits can be seen immediately:

  • No need to buy your own server. To rent server is cheaper.

  • No problems with warranty on parts.

  • Rapidity. Your server will install fast enough.

  • Convenience. All you can order and pay via the Internet (usually data centers need to physically visit the office to sign the agreement)

Where it is most advantageous to purchase dedicated server?

In our opinion here as with airline tickets and insurance. Usually intermediaries / brokers has cheaper solutions. Many hosting providers are renting multiple servers. Some of the servers they use for their needs, some are released or were originally established for the purpose of renting. Thus hosting provider can provide a server for rent cheaper than the data center hosting provider where he is hosted.

Yet there is another system of interaction: Hosting providers take many servers wholesale leased from the data center for their own use, they have a fixed discount and have the server they can take less.

All hosting providers are happy to provide additional discounts to their existing customers who decided to purchase dedicated server. Suppose you have found an offer that suits you in configuration and price. Then we move on to the next step of our article:

What should you pay attention to?

Check the actual cost of the server. Often that is written on the price tag is the best price when you pay for a year without any setup fees included. It is important.

Check with your hosting provider what real speed port on the server. Incoming and Outcoming. It can range for visitors of your site within the country of server placement and overseas customers.

Check traffic in real embedded server lease package. Usually a cheap offer is a good server configuration, but the low amount of traffic and will have to pay for extra load. You may also want to learn and when charging excess. It is generally believed in gigabytes and is rounded.

Ask what to do if the server is "down" if you can restart it yourself or need to communicate with the data center and manually restart the server.

DCXV will be glad if this article will clarify some questions for you. We will be glad to answer any questions conserning purchase dedicated server and are happy to provide you the new servers with different configuration for your needs.