Private server hosting

Private server hosting is budget control and time saving

The work of a modern company is impossible without the use of information systems to facilitate the development and conduct of business. Our company offers you the service of private server hosting which allows you to put your own equipment in a dedicated data center in Lithuania.

Colocation is one of the mandatory services, providing a smooth and stable operation of any company. Private server hosting - is the placement of the client`s server on specific locations (data centers). Through this service, there is support for the functioning of the server using a tiered backup communication channels to ensure uninterrupted power and organization of the necessary climatic parameters.

Features that DCXV provides for private server hosting services

The data center is equipped with a security and and fault tolerance systems, as well as communication channels. The data center of the Caravan are provided with all necessary conditions for stable operation of your server:

- Backup power supply

- Use Of certified racks and cable organization system;

- Modern Equipment (precision air-conditioning, extra cooling system, etc.).

The main advantages of the private server hosting service is a high quality, fast connection, guarantee of reliability and a wide range of additional options.

Private server hosting - the best solution for the successful development of your business. With colocation, availability of resources will be fundamental to the work of your equipment. You will be able to accommodate any configuration of the server in our data center and not worry about his work and the safety of critical information.

Another advantage of private server hosting in our data center is to provide a maximum data rate of the user to the server and vice versa connection. Specialists of the company engaged in the provision of services on the arrangement of servers on the platform ensures maximum security and anti-virus protection: the room in which all servers are equipped with a modern system to ensure optimum microclimate that allows you to not worry about the physical security placed it equipment. At the same time on all servers, particularly when it comes to dedicated, put the most reliable anti-virus protection.

Thus, it turns out that the deployment of own or leased servers in the data center is wise decision. Considering the maximum package of services, which provides most of the major hosting companies, it is possible to say that the private server hosting allows you to lead your Internet business to a new level, where there is no placeto any crashes or disruptions in access to resources. With properly defining priorities when choosing a provider of private server hosting, you can considerably save time and money in future.