Buy VPS server in Europe

Where to rent powerful VPS server in Europe?

The popularity of VPS as a service is explained by the fact that you can make specific virtual server settings for the necessary purposes. Servers differ in RAM, processor and allocated disk space. Depending on the needs of your website or project, you need to buy VPS or dedicated server. When renting a powerful VPS server, you need to understand that all the actions for its administration fall on you as a Client. We only support the hardware, that is, the physical / root server. As well as an additional service, you can order server administration by our technical specialists. This can be either a one-time job or a permanent service for a subscription fee. It can be unequivocally said that powerful VPS server hosting is a higher level of service after usual hosting.

By purchasing a powerful VPS server from DCXV company you will receive:

  • Quality VPS hosting

  • Stable and proven equipment

  • New and stable software versions

  • The choice of operating system (Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, Centos)

  • Xen (kvm) vps or open vz virtual server of your choice

  • Cheap vds hosting

  • Powerful VPS server for your business

What advantages do you get by leasing powerful VPS server in Europe?

Savings - renting a virtual server is cheaper than renting a physical server, in addition, there are no expenses for the purchase of equipment, its installation and commissioning;

Reliability and security - all resources belong to the client, who has full control over the stored information and processes in the system;

Flexibility - the installation of any software, the ability to configure it, modify, add, delete stored data;

Confidentiality - each virtual server is completely isolated from other virtual servers located on the physical server of OnNet Communications Company and there is no possibility to access the files and processes of VPS / VDS from another VPS / VDS;

The company's document flow based on the company's single access to databases and software;

No problems with accounting - there is no need to take into account the "iron" on the balance of the organization.

Find out more about the powerful VPS server services as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.