Offsite server hosting solution in Europe

New offsite server hosting solution in Europe from DCXV Company

If you want to purchase your own server and not rent a server for a monthly rent, DCXV will give you the opportunity to purchase the server of the configuration you need from us and place this server in our datacenter in Lithuania, EU.

Not many of users think that the placement of the server is a serious matter, because it is on this that the reliability, functionality and speed of your website depend. After making a decision on the need to launch an Internet project (the need to create a corporate website, an online store, etc.), it is necessary to resolve the issue of hosting.

It is very important to choose correctly where and under what conditions your equipment will be able to work stably and efficiently. This arrangement allows you to save on the organization of the communication channel from the provider to the client. Most often, servers are targeted for offsite server hosting, designed to support Web sites and other network services with a large amount of traffic, as well as equipment that requires reliable access from many points, for example, VPN hubs, IP telephony gateways.

The arrangement of servers with the help of DCXV has a number of advantages that are included in the service:

  • The possibility of remote access,

  • Control of the climate regime, preventing server overheating,

  • Availability of backup power (in case of power outage),

  • High level security,

  • A set of some maintenance services: reboot, etc.,

  • Monitoring the operation of the server,

  • Backup operating system,

  • Protection of information from virus and hacker attacks.

For the purchased equipment, we provide a 1-year warranty and in case of any breakdowns repair or replacement will be carried out at our expense. The hosting service accepts only servers purchased from us. Perhaps it will cost a bit more, but we take full responsibility for the equipment, and in case of any problems we try to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Find out more about the offsite server hosting service as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.