offshore dedicated server from DCXV

ecure your data and business with offshore dedicated server from DCXV

A list of the main methods, aimed at preserving the information security is the use of offshore companies. These methods can be used not only for protection of the information in the offshore business, but also for anyone else, to prevent leakage of information to undesirable persons.

Your server must be outside of that, the country in which you live. It is desirable to be a country not particularly friendly to yours, that would be on the "friendship" the information was not given. If you are using shared mail server, the password must be daunting. Alternatively, use mail only on offshore dedicated server just for you as only user.

To ensure data security and stable operation of our customers DCXV has developed offshore dedicated server service in 2006. This service allows you to effectively prevent the potential loss of confidential information and protect against major threats:

• the physical seizure / theft or server computers,

• against external intrusion or infection by computer virus,

• the loss of information due to technical/hardware problems.

Perfect offshore location

The privilege of offshore dedicated server hosting in the Netherlands is the possibility of hosting any content, as well as freedom of expression. Child porn, malicious scripts / pages and spam is an exception and is strictly prohibited hosting such content on our servers. The complaints and DMCA notices will be redirected to customers to apply the necessary measures, but most of the action is not required.

With rent of DCXV offshore dedicated server provides a range of services such as:

• the purchase or rental of server hardware,

• server equipment necessary software and assistance in setting up applications,

• security of data storage and protection from external excess or infection by computer virus,

• server’s placement on the offshore area or territory where the use of information privacy laws are much more serious than in the country of business,

• support of the software and / or the technical part for the successful and smooth running of offshore dedicated server,

• support of privacy access - providing different IP-addresses from different countries, separately for incoming and outgoing connections.

If you need offshore dedicated server just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration. Our consultants will help you place your order at the appropriate rate and select the package of additional services.