non dedicated server in Europe

Why many users choose non dedicated server? Lern more from DCXV

For large projects and non-standard tasks, a dedicated physical server is usually used, financial investments in the acquisition and support of which are quite high. The advantage of using non dedicated server is that the user can configure the necessary software, optimize system performance, install the necessary applications with less price than usual dedicated server. But often the capabilities of a physical server are used only partially. Therefore, the technology has emerged Virtual Dedicated Servers (non dedicated server), available to you!

Panels of non dedicated server managment

To manage a dedicated server and non dedicated server, our company recommends and uses the server management panel. The web server control panel is the software for administering your server through a special web-interface.

VPS (non dedicated server) servers work faster than regular hosting, they allow you to develop in the right direction at high speed and make your work faster and more convenient. Our company provides virtual servers at the lowest prices, you can rent a VPS server!

The main advantages of our company:

  1. The most modern equipment;

  2. High speed and high-performance channels that connect to many traffic exchange nodes;

  3. Low prices;

  4. Highly qualified staff.

Like most data centers, we guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the leased server. Our specialists will not allow the termination of the virtual server of the client. If you do not know which tariff is best for your project, you can consult with specialists. Renting a virtual machine (non dedicated server) is much cheaper than renting a dedicated server.

You do not need to spend money on powerful equipment right away. Adding resources (Upgrade) to a non dedicated server is done "during the use" without disconnecting. Design studios, using this service, will be able to provide hosting to their customers.

On DCXV site you can find cost as dedicated server as well as non dedicated server and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your need.