Netherlands dedicated server

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Choosing a web host often begins with the question, what to choose - domestic or foreign (European or American). On the one hand select the common is more convenient. No need to spend time learning a lot of new nuances. On the other hand the Netherlands dedicated server has a number of advantages that are not wanted to give up. So what to choose?

The Netherlands dedicated server: advantages and disadvantages


  1. Direct communication channels with the post-Soviet countries, the US and Europe, provide high data transfer rate. Despite the fact that it is the lack of connectivity is a major concern of local servers.

  2. Save and confidentiality of information. Many of our customers use the Netherlands dedicated server due to the fact that the legislation of these countries, providing more opportunities for private business development than the Russian. Netherlandish Liberal legislation guarantees the safety and confidentiality of information posted, actual unavailability for its regulatory bodies of other countries, the protection of interests of the client.

  3. Reliability at a reasonable price. Cost of rent / location of the Netherlands dedicated server for less than 30 percent from avarage European price, and the quality is not inferior.

  4. The legislation of the Netherlands is very loyal to the so-called "adult content". In the rest of Europe without problems be placed on a rented server similar site is almost impossible, as well as in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The Netherlands dedicated server disadvantages:

As you can see, hosting in the Netherlands has a significant advantage, but is at a remote location server and the negative side

  • Working with foreign companies is more difficult than with the local hosting. A foreign language, a lot of new and unfamiliar, including legislation, means of payment, etc. This is the main negative hosting in the Netherlands.

  • The site, located on a dedicated server or VPS in the Netherlands, will be slower to load than such a site local locations. That's true, but sometimes the difference is so small that it is difficult to see.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of the Netherlands dedicated server and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.