Minecraft dedicated server hosting

What do you need to know about Minecraft dedicated server hosting

Have you already played on foreign Minecraft servers. Somewhere servers were better, somewhere worse, somewhere with adequate administrator, somewhere - not. To create your own game server now there are two main ways: rent / buy a dedicated server or use the services of Minecraft dedicated server hosting provider.

Minecraft server rent

First, simple and fast way. In order to create your own game server it is enough to contact the Minecraft dedicated server hosting provider. Advantages of this method are that it allows you to easily, quickly and cheaply get the game server. Minecraft server will cost only 10-15 euro a month. You will be sure that your server was configured by professionals with established common modes. In addition, companies providing lease services of Minecraft servers can give, as a bonus, free 2nd level domain.


  • reasonable price

  • easy to pay and to install

  • nice bonuses

  • It does not require a remote server administration experience


  • there is no way to install something else for a server

  • sometimes it is not possible to get unique settings to your server / supply the missing plugins

Rent of dedicated / virtual server

Option is more expensive than previous. You rent either a dedicated or virtual (VDS) server and then download one of the Minecraft server assembly, and install it on the server.

Servers come in 2 types: dedicated servers - physical server all the resources which completely manages by one client, and virtual dedicated servers - one physical server is divided among multiple customers, with it every client is running in your stand-alone environment and does not know about the other users on the same server. Dedicated Server - as a rule, more powerful and more expensive, VDS - tend to be less powerful and less expensive plus you can choose the value of VDS itself choosing how much power you need.


complete freedom to your server management

possibility of installation of additional services (irc, teamspeak, etc.)


generally higher, compared to the game server rental price

require server administration skills

In any case try buy a domain name for your minecraft dedicated server hosting. For example the domain name in the .ru zone is 2 dollars / year. Different resellers can find and cheaper.