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Managed web hosting. In what cases do you need it.

There is a new trend on web hosting market, the essence of which is expressed in the concept of managed web hosting. For a long time the hosting providers have offered dedicated servers, however, since the work with dedicated servers is not easy, it appeared demand for monitoring and reporting, management of load allocation, security management, storage management, and database management. These additional services are called managed web hosting.

Do I need a managed web hosting?

Before you think about managed web hosting you need to decide whether you need a dedicated server at all. You will need a dedicated server if the site has huge traffic. If you have a small site with low traffic, then you will approach for normal hosting. In comparison with the option of hosting, dedicated server rental and operation costs far more to it, but if your business depends on the reliability of these services, you should seriously consider a dedicated server renting. The only drawback of such site placement is that you have to self-administer the server, and it requires some technical skills; and there is a demand for managed hosting.

How to find tariff plan that include managed web hosting?

Many providers provided only web hosting and dedicated servers, and now they are beginning to offer managed hosting. It is useful to start searching for managed hosting providers in catalogs and search engines, with this search you'll have a enormous providers list. Also, you can find out whether the service is providing by hosting providers, which are renting dedicated servers. Companies providing managed web hosting services, do so either in the form of individual services, including any such services purchased service packages.

What should I be interested in managed web hosting service provider.

When choosing a provider, it is desirable that it attended the following qualities:

Freedom. It is important to get the greatest freedom of action, moreover, it plays an essential role and the wide range of services provided. With managed hosting, you may decide that you do not need a firewall, in this case it is important that the provider gives you the ability to determine what services you need and which are not. Moreover, the biggest advantage is the possibility of a monthly payment. It will be less pressure on your budget, and you can avoid the expensive annual contracts.

Quick and reliable connection. You should find out what kind of connection and amount of Internet channels does the Internet Service Provider use. Upon request, the provider must send you information about the kinds of connection with the Internet, moreover, this information should be posted on their website.

Competitiveness. The search of managed web hosting service provider should conduct your own small study of this market. Each provider offers services at various levels; surely you will find that some providers offer managed hosting on more attractive terms than others. Managed hosting is ideal for people who organize a new business on the Internet who want to avoid the loss of time by administering its own or rented dedicated server.

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