Managed server hosting in European

Managed server hosting in European database center

Managed server hosting service allows you to set up your server in our data center, where we connect to the internet and provide a constant power supply. Your server we connect to the internet and provide constant power conection. Our network fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6. The speed of connection you choose at own will. Standard inputs are aggregated, we also offer a guaranteed connectivity. Each server is connected to a power outlet with a current, so there is no need to pay for the unused energy. Redundant power is provided by UPS and dieselgenerators.

To install your managed server hosting in the housings format of small tower, tower and the big tower, we use the shelves, but we are not against servers in a desktop-type buildings. Servers are located in public spaces, data center, which staff have around the clock access, seven days a week. At your request we will post sensitive servers in air-conditioned, protective boxes.

Managed server hosting services benefits:

  • we take into account the size and capacity of the server

  • price advantage - a server with low power consumption

  • maximum optimization of hosting cost

  • restarting the server via remote access

Managed server hosting services options :

  • the provision and installation of free services

  • server connectivity in our air-conditioned center

  • unlimited data transfer

  • dual redundant connectivity

  • free line reverse records

  • 24 * 7 physical access free

  • 24 * 7 customer service free of charge

  • connection to UPS and diesel generator free

  • server restart with the phone / email

Managed server hosting terms and exploitation:

  • server shall be placed in rack or upright

  • Server cooling should be directed from the cold aisle to the hot

  • neither the server nor the equipment shall not exceed the boundaries of its allocated space

  • server should be supplied with a mounting set for rack installation

  • shelves can be used to mount the server rack

  • only one server can be located on the same mounting kit / rack

  • server must be sufficiently protected from damage during normal handling of them

  • the maximum server power consumption is 500W

If you have any questions or you want to discuss managed server hosting in DCXV data center feel free to contact our sales department or support.