Managed hosting in Europe

Managed hosting in Europe from DCXV Company

Managed hosting is relatively new phenomenon in the field of web hosting. Companies specializing in hosting one or more applications appear almost every day. WordPress - one of those applications. And this is not surprising: WordPress into a content management system (and recently in the platform for creating web applications).

Rather than force you to perform (and support) of all types of scripts, these companies are creating their own infrastructure around a single - usually open source - product. DCXV know its product in detail, we have customized it for machines and operating systems, we have a separate support team that knows all about managed hosting pros and cons.


Support is not limited with the basic problems of your hosting account. Managed hosting from DCXV company offers advices about WordPress-plugins, themes, settings, updates, etc. Many of our customers are active participants in the development of WordPress core, have published plugins and themes for WordPress. We know all the pros and cons of the system.


Careful setup of managed hosting environment (both in terms of hardware and in terms of software) will make your WordPress-site or your application is optimized as much as possible, with the result that it will load quickly and respond to requests. Safety - another important aspect, and here comes to the fore the word "controlled". Managed hosting supports your WordPress instances in the current form. We also keep an eye out for malicious plug-ins and themes, work with you to prevent hacking of your site through known security holes.


Regular backups of your site may not seem so important approach, but it is as long as the hard disk of your server will not give up, and your data will not be lost. Or maybe your website will be infected so badly that his recovery from clean backups may seem easier than manual cleaning.

Managed hosting of WordPress sites with regular backup of your website (usually every day). If something happens, you will be protected. But at the same time read what is written in small print. Some companies do not backup WP-content or downloads folder, ie you may lose all of your images, which significantly reduces backup value.

On DCXV site you can find managed hosting and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.