Managed dedicated server UK from DCXV

Rent the managed dedicated server UK from DCXV Company

Our offer for renting a server is unique in its kind, because we do not like other hosting providers do only reselling / resale of dedicated servers from other western data center. We are investing own money in the creation of new locations in different countries, the purchase of dedicated servers for these sites with a further proposal to end customers rent a server. With our company you can get a rental server "first hand" in many countries, and to pay any convenient way for you managed dedicated server UK or at the expense of our head office in Lithuania.

Renting a dedicated server - based solution on the basis of professional equipment that meets the highest requirements for data availability and resource productivity, and with managed dedicated server UK you can maintaining flexibility and control over the equipment. At the disposal of DCXV there are hundreds of servers and components that allows the customer to choose the best solution within your budget or configure the server to suit individual business needs in the most appropriate geographic location throughout Europe.

Features of the managed dedicated server UK service

1) Data center

Company DCXV is the client of one of the UK market leaders in data centers. In-house data centers in several cities in Britain, hundreds of gigabits of external channels, redundant backup of all parameters - all in the service of our customers.

2) Equipment

All managed dedicated server UK that we offer, manufactured by Dell, the world-known manufacturer of equipment for the corporate market. They have exactly the properties that are required by the server - quality and reliability.

3) Capabilities

Rapid and large discs, a powerful processor, plenty of memory, hardware raid and ongoing IP-KVM - all include the UK servers. And each server is connected to the network at 1Gbit / c speed.

4) Limits

The data center of the British policy prohibits direct sending mail servers with SMTP protocol because the mail should be sent through the mail relay data center Raleigh data center receives up to 500 letters from the main server IP per day and up to 100 - with each additional. If you want to send large volumes of mail - please contact us and we will find a suitable solution.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of managed dedicated server UK and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.