Dedicated server Xeon - server hosting in Europe

Dedicated server Xeon E5 solutions for professionals from DCXV Company

If you decide to purchase and use the dedicated server for business, then in front of you, along with other technical characteristics, the problem of choosing the processor, which will run the server. It reflects on server performance, speed and uptime of your project, so the choice of server processor - one of the most important and priority issues.

Intel Xeon E5 processor refers to the high-end class, has 4-8 cores, each running on its own frequency, 8 MB of a third-generation of cache memory, supports memory up to 144 GB. Dedicated server Xeon has improved data protection with built-in hardware features that support continuous data encryption without significantly compromising performance. The line of Intel Xeon E5 processors support Intel Integrated I / O, the technology reduces latency in the network and storage devices in virtual systems and supports PCI Express 3.0 specification for applications that require high bandwidth.

In addition, these Intel processors models can work with two or more processor motherboard. Dedicated server Xeon can work in two-processor systems, giving an increase server performance by 80-90% of the performance of each processor. This server performs two simultaneous flow of instructions, while the single-processor server, which resources are fully occupied by a single thread, put in the second place.

It is best to increase the performance of the server in the case of two Intel Xeon E5 processors noticeable when using web technologies, such as Web servers, the speed of which increases by almost half, and much faster programming environment, and distributed databases. Such dedicated server Xeon E5 solution from DCXV Company is interesting for many users.

Dedicated server Xeon is suitable for technical computing, cloud computing and big data, mail servers and mail transfer any intensity, the work of powerful database servers, resource-intensive applications, including graphics. Using additional storage for backup and set up your daily copy, you can most reliably protect your business online. Optionally you an order external caching RAID controller can be added to the system to accelerate the disk server subsystem.

Optionally external caching RAID controller can be added to the system to accelerate the disk server subsystem.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated server Xeon and other solutions as well as to order one that will suit your needs.