managed dedicated server in Europe

Making a choice: managed dedicated server, cloud VPS or VPS

When you are in search of your sites host going from provider to provider, you usually can encouter three basic types - managed dedicated server, VPS and cloud servers.

Hosting services providing companies offer a lot of different solutions, and you have to choose one course, depending on the needs. However, you can be a little confused in choosing what is right in your situation. We will try to help you understand the features of the different web hosting products, so that you can make an informed choice based on your needs and budget. So, let's look at these solutions:

Virtual Private Server

With VPS you get a small part of a dedicated server, and this little piece of a server known as container. You have full control over the container, and you get some resources, such as RAM, disk space, channel, and CPU. Just like you, a number of other people are receiving the containers on a single server with you, but you do not interfere with each other, and work in complete isolation. The cost of each container varies depending on the resources selected for this container.

VPS is the right choice if you need relatively large server capacity, but you have limited budget to get - managed dedicated server. VPS hosting is good for CMS, shops and other projects.

Managed dedicated server

With managed dedicated server, you rent from hoster an entire server. All of the server's resources are at your disposal, and are used only for your web sites. With a dedicated server, you have the opportunity to buy a server with options for managed hosting. As the name implies, with managed hosting, you will be responsible for the management of servers and managed dedicated server means that the hosting company takes management of the server.

Managed Hosting includes:

- 24x7x365 Server Management.

- Data storage control.

- Database Management.

- Security Updates

- Software Updates and more

A dedicated server is a good choice for users who need a powerful hosting, and those whose project/site has grown over VPS to a dedicated server.

Cloud Server

It provides all the benefits of VPS, but providing exactly required resources. Cloud servers are also sometimes called cloud VPS.

With this type of server, you have unlimited flexibility of server resources, and you can add or take away resources in the process of its using. You can scale your resources according to the needs, without having to reboot the server. In addition, you will pay only for the amount of resources that you have used.

For example, if your website suddenly begins to get more and more traffic, you can log into the server control panel and add more channel and RAM on the server. When your traffic will drop, you can reduce these resources.

In terms of cost Cloud Servers is a bit more expensive than the VPS, which makes it a good choice for users who have a slightly higher budget.

Managed dedicated servers are offered on our platform, gives you full control over your data and web hosting configuration. You can provide the highest level of uptime and the security of their applications by making full use of server resources for your own websites. Provide your business all the advantages of our channels, servers, and, most importantly, our technical support.