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Unmanaged and managed dedicated hosting review from DCXV Company

There are two main types of dedicated hosting that are available today on the Internet: managed and unmanaged. With any of these types of hosting your site will receive an ample supply of bandwidth and security, as well as the use of a dedicated server through a specialized professional provider. Although both types rely on the use of the same basic equipment costs and support services in these two plans can vary considerably.

Unmanaged hosting as a cheaper option.

There is offered a minimum of background and support services to service current server problems. In most cases, technical support is available to your site, but only if you pay an additional fee. You, as a website owner, are responsible for the overall maintenance of the server and solving any problems related to security and bandwidth. However, since these additional fees are often less than the monthly cost associated with managed dedicated hosting, the plan is suitable for that website owner who has experienced staff support. In addition, new sites for the starting phase or in the early stages with a limited traffic, where not all the requested functionality hosting uncontrollable can be quite adequate solution. The need to upgrade to managed dedicated hosting can come later, when you realize the importance and necessity for the success of a site of constant updates and more complex support and service.

Using managed dedicated hosting server, your website will enjoy high-quality services, such as the 24/7 support of equipment and software, timely updates, and sometimes the introduction and installation of additional functionality. Also provides advanced security features, the professional database management and integrated backup. Support is usually running 24/7 scheme administrators are well informed, experienced technical staff is always ready to solve any problems or issues that arise in connection with the use of managed dedicated hosting. In general, this is the best technical solution required to adequately support a professional website.

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