Managed dedicated server from DCXV buy

What will you get with managed dedicated server?

There are no any certain standards, clear guidelines, describing the role of the hosting providers of managed dedicated server. In most cases, the server hardware is owned by providers of dedicated hosting, and they support the operating system (upgrade installation) and server software. Thus, the user has full control over the server through the control panel, which is designed for technicians to handle all server and network functions and problems. Such dedicated hosting is sometimes called Managed Dedicated Server.

Managed dedicated server can include:

  • Updating the operating system

  • Upgrading applications

  • Monitoring server

  • Monitoring applications

  • Update of antivirus databases

  • Security check

  • Protection against DDoS attacks

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Backup and Restore

  • DNS hosting

  • Load distribution

Dedicated Hosting Providers determine the degree of control on the basis of their services. It may vary from fully managed to self-control from provider to provider.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server
As mentioned earlier, the site is located on a dedicated hosting has a greater flexibility and security, and the customer gets full control over a dedicated server. On the other hand dedicated hosting is much more than the usual virtual hosting. Shared hosting costs less than $ 10 / month, while dedicated hosting more than a hundred rental.

The cost of a dedicated server
Here is the cost of a managed dedicated server services of DCXV. Although the service is a little expensive, but DCXV is very reliable and has a good technical support. I recommend if you're looking for a quality dedicated server.

When to move to a managed dedicated server?
When a dedicated server ceased to be expensive for you because it allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

When to move to a dedicated server:

  • Traffic to your website has grown in such a way that the virtual hosting cope.

  • Your site is subjected to DDoS attacks. Lame security of the site.

  • You do not have professionals to run your own server.