Managed VPS from DCXV

What is Managed VPS?


Business projects in the global network of at some point face a narrow framework of existing hosting services. A similar set of circumstances requires immediate choice of more expensive solutions. The solution is managed VPS rent. This is not only a huge volume of disk space, processing power, etc., but also the need for administration of the server itself.

Managed Hosting is a service that is usually offered as an option to VPS rent. You getting free from many small tasks: monitoring, reporting, security management and load distribution, database management, and memory. All of this takes a lot of time. A managed VPS service ordering will automatically "unload" our schedule.


Server Management is not an easy task. It will take a certain part of your time, and it can not be ignored. You can hire a single person who will deal exclusively with the Administration or to entrust this task to the appropriate department. But it is much more profitable to order the service of managed hosting, which is offered often today.


Who is most interested in managed VPS

Let's select a scenario where managed hosting is justified acquisition. First of all, this is case portal increased demand that shared hosting is not suitable because of their limitations. But those portals may be a few. In this case, placing them on the same server allows you to also simplify the management of sites. Naturally, the site administration simply does not fit into the overall schedule. In such a scenario custom managed hosting services is a necessity. Question of its profitability is not worth it.

In other circumstances, the project requires special settings from the server (CPU power, RAM). Find the necessary configuration of virtual servers is almost impossible. Managed VPS allows you to select the equipment of almost any configuration. In this case, the acquisition of managed VPS may not be required. It is best to start from the individual needs of the project and their own financial resources.

Now note that managed VPS hosting can go as part of a VPS package or offers as separate service. The first case (joint proposal) saves. You pay less, but do not have the opportunity to choose from a list of essential services. Ultimately, you have to pay for all the items that you won’t use. You can rent basic hosting and choose all extra services separate.  However the cost of the service will be a bit more expensive than in the previous case. Browse available offers on DCXV site and independently select the most suitable option for you.