Low price dedicated hosting UK and managed dedicated server UK

Dedicated hosting UK - administration tricks

Medium and small business is typically lack the resources of virtual web hosting. However, if you run large network projects, such as MMORPG or massive multiplayer shooters the question of dedicated server immediately raises. Also this type of hosting is required for users with extensive databases that require additional computing resources.

Its main difference from other types of hosting is that the customer gets in use a physical workstation. Software, operating systems and client applications are installed on their own by using managed dedicated server UK services.

Server administration – nuances

Manage of the server can be done either directly by the customer or by the provider. In the second case, the client receives a package, very valuable to any business.

  1. Management by provider is better? The dedicated server is connected to a network of data centers that is established in different countries. This implies a priori. However, if the client controls the server it depends on the physical server locations. If the administration takes on the provider he can do it from anywhere in the world - whether in Ukraine, Canada or another country. This is possible thanks to a special KVM device. This switch is associated with a dedicated server on IP-channel and is able to emulate a USB-device even on disconnected ports. The main advantage of KVM - the operator can remotely perform the operations that are not available in case of failures, for example, in the event of a network attack or when the server is hacked. Also available to him the nature of the action system (BIOS update) even bypassing the operating system locks of dedicated hosting UK.

  2. Quick technical support. Dedicated server requires high-end technical support, including regular on-site service. Self-service of the dedicated server means hiring staff of technical personnel and other costs. Add to this the regular patches, search for bugs and software "patches". The provider disclaims client "headache" for a small fee. You can recommend Friendhosting.net provider - his exemplary support of a team of specialists.

  3. Centralized protection from hackers and DDos-attack. Reputable provider is obliged to protect its network from viruses and other intrusions. Sometimes this service is included in tariff packages, sometimes offered separately.

  4. Server rent - backup power. If dedicated server stop working the client can do nothing about it except for repairing and re-start. The provider may then insure the client and connect standby power.

So, even at first glance managed dedicated server UK provider is much more flexible, safer and more profitable than self-management servers.