Low price and low cost dedicated server hosting

Low cost dedicated server hosting from DCXV Company. Dedicated servers in Europe

Using virtual servers: pros and cons

As practice shows a lot of people who have opened their own website and began to develop it never heard the term “dedicated server”. But any businessman knows that in case of new project opening on the Internet it is important to make the connection speed to the site and the 24/7 of its work. Personal computer as a server is not suitable in most cases as there are many factors that may affect its operation. These are weather, technical conditions and web connection speed. But in the case of work with low price dedicated server you will forget about these problems and will be able to develop your own business without being distracted by problems.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated Server is service of providing the client with a separate computer on which it will store all the information. The servers are a physical and virtual. The physical server is used to run some applications that must operate separately. But the most modern and cheapest option is a virtual server, since it is inexpensive and convenient.

You can rent low end dedicated server in the data center or from intermediaries called resellers. Typically, resellers are partners of data centers and use their huge discounts. So sometimes server rent with an intermediary is cheaper since it can offer you a discount on this service.

Advantages of dedicated server

Among the main advantages of working with low price dedicated server is its speed. You can ensure high performance of pages on the site through the server.

Dedicated server responds quickly to user's request. This is considered as the successful beginning of your product in the online store.

Furthermore, with the improvement of the site you can increase the speed and reliability of the server. Using Cheap dedicated server is also an option it is also protected as there is important information customers. When your business grows the virtual server can add additional features, such as e-commerce.

As with any business, a dedicated server also has its drawbacks. First, dedicated server rental is rather expensive service. A virtual server is much cheaper to rent it’s per month use can cost you only $ 10. But, as practice shows, the price justifies the quality of and dealers of data centers have every day more and more customers.