Linux VPS server in Europe

Get Linux VPS server that allow you to optimize costs and increase the flexibility of your server infrastructure

As practice shows, even a significant investment in the deployment of own IT infrastructure is later blocked by the regular costs of its maintenance, and in most cases the business does not receive a truly flexible and modern IT component. Regular updating of IT technologies quickly depreciates investments both in a server component, and in the software.

DCXV offers server for rent over the infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Within the solution, you can use one or more virtual servers based on high-performance server clusters of industrial level located in the data center of the Tier 3 class. The number of computing cores, RAM or disk space on your Linux VPS server you determine yourself based on the current business needs.

Let's highlight the main advantages of our servers for rent:

  • High availability of IT infrastructure.

  • Lack of investment in the server and in the software.

  • Elasticity of capacities for business needs.

  • Pay only for actually consumed resources.

  • Support by qualified specialists.

Linux VPS server allows for the users:

1. Illuminate the problem of software licenseing in your office

The Linux operating system (Linux) is free! This means that the product does not need to acquire a license and it can replace the commercial product Windows. Simply put, "Linux" is a free operating system for your office (Linux for Business). We will help you install Linux in your company's office on all computers, so we are waiting for your applications.

2. Fully remove the threat of viruses, loss of data

On the Linux operating system, there are no viruses, so this is another weighty argument to move your office to Linux. It allows you to more securely store your data.

3. Linux VPS server increase system resilient and reliability local network as a whole

Usually with the Linux platform, the local network and the software works reliably, so Linux is the right choice for organizations wishing to save not only on expensive software, but also on the reliability of information storage.