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Looking for Linux virtual server hosting?

How to choose a suitable tariff plan

The task for decided to use a Linux virtual server hosting user is to determine the tariff. Although there is no in the VPS fare selection some clear rules and formulas, we will clearly make out a few situations the example of our virtual dedicated servers.

For a start it is worth noting an important fact: any project can be deployed and run on virtually any virtual server (of course, within the limits of the fundamental requirements of the server software). The question is not when choosing a tariff, but will site work or won’t work on a particular server, in principle, and how fast and stable it will work. Power of rented Linux virtual server hosting used to process user queries, manipulation of information in a database, etc. Therefore, the more powerful the server more stable and faster work site or web service hosted on it.

Requirements for the project hosting

Project resource capacity is determined by the requirements of the server computing power, as well as the estimated attendance and the activity of users, if we are talking about a public site. When you start the game server, Forex Server for trading on the stock exchange or 1C accounting, navigate to the required capacity will help you meet the requirements specified for the particular software. Launching one or several sites, try to calculate their estimated attendance, since it is obvious that the same site consumes very different amounts of resources in times when they are at the same time a few dozen or a few hundred, or even thousands of people.

Linux virtual server hosting gives new opportunities of growth and development for the site, an online store application. And we will help to turn the opportunity into reality. Here you can order a stable working Linux virtual server hosting with the distribution of your choice, unlimited traffic and for a very nice price. Each Linux virtual server hosting package also includes:

SAS-drives for data storage;

CPU based on Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz processor;

RAM with support for ECC-code;

InoSphere - modular server control panel that enables the customization.

Selected Internet channel;

Protection against DDoS-attacks;

All of this will be used for Linux virtual server hosting at full capacity. Regular centralized updates, the ability to customize any server settings, select Control Panel, which will be convenient and easy to understand. Benefits of using DCXV Linux virtual server hosting KVM - it is its speed, reliability and attractive price.