Linux virtual server

Linux virtual server for advaced users from DCXV (Xivicom) company

We understand that before you buy any service it may be necessary to perform initial testing, so we suggest you take advantage of the free trial period. Within 3 days you can test all the features of any VPS tariff plan, the only restriction is that additional resources are not available in the test period.

VPS / VDS is a special kind of hosting, where a virtual server can be rented as part of a physical server. The technology on which the work of VPS-hosting is based, makes it possible to organize several stand-alone servers on one.

Ordering a Windows or Linux virtual server you are allowed to get the required amount of resources, which will correspond to the chosen tariff plan and operating system, without significant expenses. At the same time, being the administrator of the virtual server, you will be able to customize the software, have root access and create different versions of the libraries.

What tariff plans for Linux virtual server DCXV offers:

We provide VDS / VPS servers based on KVM virtualization. Projects are often demanding for special types of software and server resources. The VDS / VPS service allows you to divide a physical server into virtual servers in accordance with the amount of its available physical resources, ensuring their efficient use.

Our solution is an alternative to a dedicated server. OS management on VPS completely corresponds to the physical dedicated server. With virtualization based on KVM, we can offer our customers an excellent solution with guaranteed resources. We offer favorable conditions for placing projects on VPS servers and give our customers the choice between two tariff plans. Each tariff includes guaranteed resources, high speed of connection, unlimited traffic and server management of the popular control panel – Vmmanager.

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