Linux virtual host in Europe

Choose Linux virtual host from DCXV Company

Linux virtual host for the site is suitable for relatively small projects. With virtual hosting, you can host your website on a reliable server with support for all relevant technologies, and thus to leave the cost of hosting the website within reasonable limits. Check out the features and benefits of professional and affordable Unix web hosting for your website from DCXV.

Linux virtual host - is the most popular type of hosting, which involves the placement of your website on a server whose resources are shared by all sites hosted on it. The reason that shared hosting is so popular - enough opportunities at a very affordable price.

Linux virtual host from the company DCXV gives:

  1. a wide range of tariff plans.

  2. free support of DNS-servers.

  3. convenient hosting control panel ISPmanager PRO and Parallels Plesk Panel.

  4. data backup.

  5. basic protection against spam e-mail messages.

  6. free technical support by phone and e-mail.

  7. the ability to change fare in case of increase in resource requirements.

Memory allocated to the Linux virtual host

VPS Hosting - as in the case of the CPU resources, you can choose how much memory you need your virtual server, and you can change the settings. Some of the memory comes at the expense of the operating system and other system services.

Shared Web Hosting - the memory allocated for each executable script / web application is limited to the tariff plan.

Overhead costs of virtual hosting

VPS Hosting - even if your site is not very resource demanding - virtual server running different software: the control panel, Web server, mail server, the operating system, etc. This should be considered when choosing server settings.

On DCXV site you can find Linux virtual host and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.