instant dedicated server

Do you want instant dedicated server instalation?

Dedicated server lease - an ideal solution for projects that are not satisfied with normal hosting or require high reliability and security. All dedicated server customers, we place in own data center. This has advantages and flexibility in solving a number of technical problems, such as upgrade or replace components after damage to the equipment and you can expect for instant dedicated server instalation.

Our data center meets all modern standards: a two channel power supply from different substations with capacity of 150 kW, modern air-conditioning system, uninterruptible power supply. Triple redundant channels from the different ISP, allow to provide high-speed and reliable data transmission. All theese conditions make us able to offer you instant dedicated server instalation.

Ready to use servers

How much does it cost? The cost of renting a dedicated server depends on its parameters. We offer you to rent not only reliable, but it is the best dedicated server, proven even in complex projects. At the same time, there is a simple and inexpensive availability. Do not rush to buy the server - because you can lease it! Here are some instant dedicated server configurations:

Website Hosting

We have powerfull hosting solutions for projects of any size. We will select for you the instant dedicated server that provides quick access to all visitors, regardless of whether you have an average traffc (10-50 thousand visitors per day) or High-Loaded (more than 50,000 visitors per day).

Game servers

Looking for solutions for online games? GTA: San Andreas, CS: GO 1.6, Minecraft, ARMA - these and other network games that require a dedicated server for games. We have extensive experience in this matter. For example, on our server you can simultaneously use a maximum of Minecraft and CS 1.6 players to use Mumble, TeamSpeak, and others.

Data storage

You need to save a lot of important information, and you are afraid to lose it? We offer the most reliable solutions for file storage! By purchasing our powerful instant dedicated server, you get reliable data integrity and uninterrupted access to the 1 Gb / s channels.

Business - Applications

Hosting business projects must be reliable. If your application requires considerable resources, cost, you need a server that can provide it. We have a number of solutions to ensure high performance. The main thing for you — to indicate the number of users and the range of tasks, the best embodiments we choose yourself.

Database Servers

Organization of storage for databases can be a real problem, especially when it comes to optimize its performance. But not with DCXV. For example, a dedicated server for 1C, we recommend you to use, if the number of users exceeds 10.

On DCXV site you can always order the instant dedicated server instalation and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.