hosting cPanel in Europe

Full control over the hosting cPanel

Hosting cPanel - a full-featured web-based control panel web hosting account that allows you to manage the server via a web interface. cPanel has three functional and hierarchical levels of management - administrator, reseller interface (designed for server management, services, processes, domains, tariff packages) and end user interface (which has convenient tools to work with domains, e-mail, databases).

Hosting cPanel is convenient both for beginners and for experienced users. This product was developed about 10 years ago and is stable in operation and at the same time easy to use. Placing simple site available to the average user without special knowledge and takes little time.

For VPS and dedicated server users:

Self-diagnostics and correction of errors. The system monitors the operation of all running services, and, in the case of failures, restarts itself. Also on the e-mail of administrator you receive notification of significant events and potential problems. Thus, we can ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the hosting cPanel, in a timely manner to carry out preventive work.

Only the updated software. Automatic Updates Settings of hosting cPanel allow you to shift the care of downloading and installing the latest versions of the software at cPanel. Select the components need to be updated, a few clicks of the corresponding interface. Use only current versions of the software with the latest bug fixes.

Support for software developers. The versatile system allows developers to quickly and easily connect to the server own modules. Already it is worth to buy hosting cPanel. But there are other important advantages. For example, the ability to choose which version of PHP will work a particular site. Built-in code editor and file manager allow you to make small changes to the site without switching it off.

Better, faster, cheaper! Optimized for cPanel VPS servers use fewer resources and has virtually the same functionality as the version for dedicated servers. Thus its cost is several times less! On DCXV site you can always find the cost of hosting cPanel and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.