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How to find a cheap VPS server?

VPS (also known as VDS) is a dedicated virtual server that is running programs that support virtualization technology of the physical server. A large capacity of primary resources is divided between hosting clients, but with a guarantee of the absence of overselling (sale of resources in excess of these limits).

When it is time to order hosting VPS services?

Developers of Web services and administrators are often facing with the need to find quickly a host that will provide their own virtual dedicated server to host websites or other Internet services. Usually, the problem can be reduced to such situations:

* project is being developed, and the website begins to work not properly. This can manifest itself in different ways: loading of pages produced more than 4 seconds, the website becomes unavailable for all users or a part of the audience, start to come notification that limit the use of resources is exceeded. Growing popularity of your site database proliferate, making it necessary to use more disk space, memory and processor resources for handling requests;

* you need redirect, allocate or restrict the flow of queries, need to install additional software to support the operation of the site. Standard virtual server allows you to install the software, the same operation is only possible with hosting VPS services, which can be rented cheaply as in domestic as in foreign data centers.

As a result of using hosting VPS the administrator can customize the OS, install the software, run the scripts. This can guide you to rent the server from the hosting company at a better price than renting classic dedicated server, but will allow totally control and maintain your Web services.

If we talk about the cost, then a small, developing, financially dependent projects can not afford the 150-500 dollars month pay for hosting VPS, which will be required when renting a physical server. Virtual Private Server, in contrast to the usual virtual hosting, may have improved performance and security. A dedicated core of your virtual server will be completely separated from other clients, which are located on the physical server, powerful, but management made common data server. Thus, with regard to hardware, its characteristics are guaranteed by the hoster, but the overall program part can affect the performance of a dedicated virtual server.