Hosting services in Europe

What hosting services in Europe DCXV (Xivicom) can offer to you?

As the owner of a website and small business, which is dedicated to this site, you are probably not particularly thought about how to choose web hosting services. Let's be honest: you can even remember its name without prompting?

Many companies that are registering domain names and also perform the role of the hosting provider, as these products sell together quite easily. After you purchase a domain name, you can just purchase hosting services. Especially if a marketing offer of the network provider is made so that this package seems reasonable and inexpensive purchase, is not it? However, do not hurry. Are you sure that you really have managed to choose a hosting that is suitable for your business and budget?

Three types of Web Hosting Services

There are three basic types of web hosting services: general, managed dedicated and unmanaged dedicated. Within these three categories, you will find endless opportunities for additional services (for example, the same customer support around the clock), offer a variety of pricing and guaranteed performance variations.

Shared hosting

This is exactly what is reflected in the title: you share a server with other clients of the hosting company, which makes the cost of this type of hosting services is much lower than dedicated hosting. However, the more people or companies use the resources of a single server, the service is the worst in terms of speed, performance and reliability of each of them gets.

Also, be sure to ask how many clients you will share server with on the day of your registration, and what percentage of uptime is guaranteed for you. The virtual shared hosting is by far the most popular and affordable option for small businesses. The experts recommend to adhere this type of hosting services for as long as the number of unique visitors to your website will not reach 1000 per day.

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated server is a server provided only to you - other users here are not allowed. Managed Hosting means that a company that provides web hosting services, takes care of all the issues and quickly solve any problems. Because you - the only user of that server, your site will work much faster, which in turn will have a positive impact on both user behavior and search engine optimization strategies (SEO).

Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting

In fact, you do not need a web hosting services itself, if you choose this option, as, in fact, you get the server itself and all its equipment, and then take the responsibility for it. There are some incredibly technically advanced startups that want to use this type of installation only for boasting, in any other case of small businesses, this type of hosting is not needed.

For small business it is easier to start with a shared server. Just do the preparatory work, get a few offers, make sure what is written in the contract with small print, and choose a provider that offers hosting services support 24/7.