Hosting server in Europe

Hosting server services as a recourse of costs optimization

The global crisis is forcing businesses to optimize costs. Many IT-departments are looking for ways to survive, balancing on the verge of recovery. Most tasks do not depend on the volume of business, as they are the infrastructure and costs of the company in this area remain unchanged. In any case, you have to pay for electricity, rental of premises, equipment and repairs, not including staff salaries. If there is a large number of servers, it makes no sense to invest too much money into building their own data center. Hosting server service can solve all the problems.

Benefits of hosting server

With hosting server services the situation is the same as with any other service that you can outsource. Companies decide to fire own lawyers, preferring to pay by legal offices. Specialists there are usually educated, and to keep the state attorney at the full rate is not always advisable. If the company has not too much the computer technic, it is not necessary to keep the system administrator. The same applies to cleaning the premises. Cleaning Services are cheaper than the state of the cleaners.

Physical or virtual server will always be effectively managed and serviced by a specialized company than by your own. In addition to the cost of the need to also note that such reliability in the data center, in the office can not be achieved.

Our company is professional hosting provider: provides rental services of physical and virtual servers, hosting server services in different locations. For customers it offered user-friendly interface of the Personal Cabinet, which was developed entirely by our specialists. We adhere to the policy of low prices and provide high quality services. Our technical support works around the clock and free of charge. To provide high-quality service, our company carefully chooses future employees. Thus in our team work only by qualified and experienced professionals who are ready to come to your aid at any time.

What are you getting of hosting server services:

the minimum cost of the service;

no additional costs for maintenance of the server;

trouble-free operation, round the clock access to the site;

professional services;

savings services through special tariffs - the ability to pay for a month;

Free test - 7 days (on request).

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of hosting server and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.