Hosting reseller account in Europe

Ideas of getting profit with hosting reseller account from DCXV

Reselling hosting - a view from the inside

Hosting providers offer their customers an interesting type of service - a virtual dedicated server with hosting reseller. Its cost rarely exceeds $ 50. It can accommodate several dozen sites, with different domain zones, names, IP, content and focus. This opens up prospects for those who decided to become a hostess himself, but does not yet have the necessary equipment for this.

By connecting the virtual server to the dedicated communication channel and configuring hosting reseller account, you can search the clients yourself. All the salt of this activity is to make it unlike other tariff packages and find customers on it. Or on the contrary, to find customers and create their desired rates.

The fact is that large hosting providers can not always offer low quality hosting. And the owners of small sites do not need to pay for excessive services. Therefore, they will gladly use the service of the reseller, if he offers them a convenient tariff.

Where to find clients

Base of Q&A. Every hosting reseller account have access to an extensive knowledge base, which will be useful as a beginner in the field of site building and hosting and experienced users.

Ease of Management. For convenient management of hosting accounts, all the tools of the reseller are collected in one place.

High speed. Using SSDs in RAID arrays multiplies the speed and performance many times.

99.9% UPTIME. We guarantee 99% of Uptime carrying equipment and network.

Backup. Automated backups at a remote, dedicated storage center ensure data integrity.

24/7 Support for resellers. Our specialists are always ready to provide you with fast technical support.

The use of hosting reseller account is quite simple and easy in use. You always can cosult with DCXV support in any matter.