Hosting providers in Europe

Influence of selected hosting providers on the results of search queries

Choosing according to certain parameters of hosting, webmaster, first think about what kind of impact will hosting make on SEO-optimization of site. The exact and correct answer to this question is no, so the owner of the site you need to evaluate the pros and cons and then choose the most suitable hosting providers.

DCXV provides hosting services based on modern control panels. This simple-to-use panels are clear and easy to use interface that allows you to manage domains, mailboxes, databases, DNS, etc. Through the control panel it is possible to ask a question or to contact the technical support of hosting providers, which operates around the clock. It is also possible to quickly and easily change the settings of services. Open and transparent tariff policy allows you to choose the tariff package according to their needs.

The quality of hosting providers services depends on external high-quality channels, and reliable power system using equipment from world leaders. And the quality of service is sure to impress even the most demanding customers.

Criteria of hosting providers reliability:

The maximum site availability indicator. Unavailability of at least 52 minutes per year in the list of attributes of reliability does not appear;

High-level hosting providers technical support when the support is stable responds not later than within one hour;

Comfortable possibility of increasing capacity or transferring to a more powerful server - taking into account the proposed development site without changing your hosting providers;

Power independence ifrom city power supplies, the presence of several diesel generators;

Easy fungibility of high-speed communication channels;

The necessary climatic conditions, appropriate temperature and humidity levels in rooms with servers;

Automatic gas fire extinguishing;

The continuous monitoring of user`s equipment.

It is also important to test web hosting services. Advanced company allocates for this trial server. If all the meets, the receipt of payment for services the company creates a permanent account, where the site is transfered.

On DCXV hosting providers site you can always find the cost of hosting and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.