Choosing a hosting provider in Europe

Choosing a hosting provider

In this selection there are some nuances. For example, your hoster "young and hot", in this case you will be shoulder to shoulder together, to experience all the teething problems. These servers are idle, and regular. But there is a silver lining, you can get great discount. New hosting provider can always add gigabytes of software module or to close their eyes on email spam or be allowed to deliver exacting script resources. The cost of services will also be much lower.

If the hosting provider is big, for them the loss of one customer event is not critical. And in which case, your voice can hardly be heard. However, the quality of services will be significantly higher, and the corresponding requirements. When you will ask to" deliver this module" definitely will get rejected. It will be strictly according to regulations.

The main thing, as in any other case, to find a middle ground. Such hosting provider, you will be more important as the customer. Although, it is not necessary to feel the single most important client and lead accordingly too.

Hosting providing, like any other business, has its own as a side or main extra services. For example provider, providing its customers with access to the Internet at the same time provides the hosting services. Similarly, the situation is a major web-studios, in addition to web development they are and place client’s sites on your server.

Who has the best hosting, it is difficult to say. Reasonable to assume that the for the company which hosting services are the main type of business is always have better hosting solutions.

The structure of any developed large hosting provider consists as follows:

Specialist in network security - is obliged to follow the work of the network, the network address emerging issues, analyze the requirements of employers, to perform technical support of network equipment.

Systems Analyst - specializes in the analysis of client applications to determine the structure of the software.

Programmer - is responsible for the individual and complex solution of tasks related to programming, creating graphs and charts to support workflow.

System administrator - installs and supports software and hardware that monitors the work of the operating system detects the problem areas in the programs and takes into account the requirements of other hosting provider employees.

Technical Support Specialist - provides technical support and advice to clients engaged in repair of computer hardware, provides staff with necessary materials for work with information technology, diagnose software and hardware.

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