Hosting in Europe

Hosting in Europe for your online project is the best idea!

For any online project it is very important to choose the right hosting provider. So this factor is very important for stable and correct operation, successful promotion of your business. Therefore, recently many people choose hosting in Europe with high-quality services.

Recently, it has become very popular to acquire hosting in Europe. This type of hosting gets benefits from its geographical location. It will be very convenient for the client to order hosting there, since in these countries there is the most stable Internet channel.

It is very important to understand that high-quality hosting in Europe provides reliable DDOS protection of your projects. According to the latest statistics, servers located in Europe, are least exposed to DDOS-attacks.

Still, European legislation is very beneficial. So it is the most advanced in the world and guarantees users full anonymity and rights. And for companies that plan to enter the European market, the use of data centers located in Europe is an obligatory factor of success.

What do you need to consider choosing hosting in Europe

To provide proper service of good quality there is not enough only to have servers and equipment - it is necessary that all equipment was placed in special conditions - data centers. Date center, must meet international requirements, according to the EU certificates. Several power supply channels must be connected to the site of the center, there should be a reserve generator, of high power, which, in case of lack of electricity, will be able to ensure the operation of the equipment up to 4 days.

In terms of financial services, hosting in Europe must have a variety of tariffs and ways to replenish the balance.

One of the most important features of reliable hosting is the availability of round-the-clock technical support with response time to the client's request no more than 15 minutes. It is also very important to have the possibility of a free test period for assessing the quality of the services provided. After all, with reliable hosting in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom) there is nothing to fear.