Hosting EU soluion in Europe

Why hosting EU is popular all over the world?

Almost any phisical or legal person for the successful development of its business activity tends to create high-quality and functional virtual resource. This actual modern way of increasing the profitability and recognizability of the company enjoys growing demand. High demand of hosting EU is explained by the possibility of attracting more potential consumers.

For reliable and high-quality web projects you need hosting from professionals. And then the user is faced with the question of choosing the country in which he will be located. To make a competent and optimal choice, it is recommended to consult with specialists from DCXV. Experienced professionals will answer in detail and in an understandable form all the questions of interest.

Hosting EU- the main advantages

Hosting in Europe has many advantages that become obvious if auser has chosen it:

Stability. The uptime indicator is almost at any time equal to 99.9%. This figure guarantees a good and smooth operation of the virtual resource, even if the data center is very busy

Modern and powerful equipment. Providers offering high-quality European hosting, in their work actively use good modern equipment and software. This ensures the excellent work of a large project

European legacy. European service is functing, taking into account not foreign legislation, but local regulations. This fact gives a number of advantages, for example, the preservation of complete confidentiality of information

Possible difficulties with foreign hosting. The difficulties of working with hosting EU include:

Technical support mainly speaks in English. However, with the increase in the number of Russian-speaking customers, more and more foreign companies are trying to organize support in Russian, among others;

Difficulties with payment for services - usually foreign hosts use PayPal or Visa / Mastercard, some allow payment via Webmoney.

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