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cPanel is the most common control panel in the world, translated into 25 languages. Virtually all Western providers use it cPanel. In the domestic market, this panel also is not uncommon and can be found often enough. Find more and try yourself hosting cPanel from DCXV Company.

Hosting cPanel - is one of the most common and popular control panels. Free item management software translated into twenty-five languages. It met even at the initial stage, all the owners of hosting-systems thunderous applause. In Western countries, like the United States, a review of the popular management software is in high demand among the VDS and VPS host. Russian Federation free part of the popular class of software management is not spared, and also in great demand. Most Internet service providers to work with the review panel in its class.

What do we know about the hosting cPanel?

The cPanel, clearly, the most popular web hosting panel in the world. Apparently, the year of birth of the cPanel, can be considered for 1997, because the code meets the following text (1997-2002 DarkORB Communications Inc "). The official date of commencement of sales - in 2001. Distributed by Cpanel Inc.

The main advantages of hosting cPanel l is its reliability, advanced functionality and ease of use (intuitive interface). cPanel hosting the first panel, where the separation of the control hosting accounts has been realized on levels - the administrator, users and resellers. For administrator and resellers created add-in program WebHost Manager (WHM).


The most full-featured web hosting control panel — cPanel. Hosting cPanel gives you the ability to manage the project with the help of the web interface. The meaning of the idea that used to give the user as much control over the management of the website possible. On DCXV site you can always find the cost of hosting cPanel and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.