Web hosting company DCXV

What do need to know about DCXV hosting company

Hosting Company DCXV was founded in 2013 and today is one of the leading Lithuanian hosting providers. DCXV successfully provides services of domain registration, shared hosting, dedicated of VPS-hosting, colocation and dedicated server. DCXV specializes in providing comprehensive services of any complexity to locate and support projects on the Internet for companies and individuals.

Web hosting company DCXV is European Local Internet Registry (LIR) and is engaged in the distribution of IP address space of network users and the provision of related registration services. We can provide the required number of IP addresses according to your elaborated specifications and justification.

DCXV is the official registrar of all top-level domain names popular in EU and can self-register, re-register, maintain the work of domain names.

Our technology

Our hosting company uses the latest, cutting-edge technologies, including Hyper-V virtualization operating system, the XEN and OpenVZ. Any VPS hosting plan from DCXV is a virtual analogue of the physical server, having a high-speed connection to the Internet. This allows customers to install their software, use different domain names and virtual servers, fully control the operation of the Apache Web server, Qmail, MySQL, etc., independently back up your data.

Our servers

The bases of our infrastructure are blade servers SuperMicro and Intel on the basis of two 4 Intel Xeon c Form Factor 1U and 2U core processors. Servers are located in one of the best data centers in Lithuania. Our hosting company owns the newest data center is built to meet the requirements for modern data centers storing and data transfer, equipped with automatic fire-extinguishing and climate control systems, redundant uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators.

We use the best channel infrastructure and specialized operators: the connection of over 100 Gb / s with international and regional networks. All channel connection with high capacity to meet modern requirements.

Our partners

We work together with reliable partners in the field of web design, programming, flash animation development and another hosting company. The main advantage of our partners is a good services and a reasonable price.

Our clients

Among our clients are financial institutions, factories, companies, and individuals. We always find a special offer that is suitable for you and your business. On this site you can always find the list of DCXV hosting company hosting solutions and other services as well as to order one that will meet your needs.