Web hosting provider

Choosing web hosting provider


Why choosing web hosting provider is difficult? There are a couple of reasons. This question is raised by many site developers. Develop of functional and stylish site is not a guarantee of success, it needs to be place on a secure and stable hosting which will maintain in perfect condition to your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In this article we will talk about the criteria for selecting a hosting provider.


Technical specifications for hosting

In fact, 90% of hosts provide shared hosting php, mysql services that are suitable for typical and popular content management system (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal), the phrase "professional hosting for Wordpress" nothing more than a publicity stunt. So if you are in doubt about the choice of web hosting due to technical specifications, it is easier to just write to the sales department of  web hosting provider with the inquiry of information about the operating system and its version.


Country location of hosting provider servers (ip-address of the hosting sites)

It is the second important parameter for the hosting selection. It determines the download speed of your site in the region where the server hosting provider is located. If you focus on the audience from the Eastern Europe countries, you'll like Ukrainian, Russian, European hosting if you are relying on an American audience, it is better to choose a hosting service in the following states.


Tariff plan and price of hosting

You need to look at the plans and choose the most appropriate number of domains and sites in the package and the amount of disk space. Price is always one of the key factors during choosing web hosting provider service, but do not choose a free hosting, because as the saying goes "money talks". Therefore, choose a web hosting wisely, not greedy of the most expensive or the cheapest offers. As a result, the value of your site can be a lot more expensive than monthly rent price or you can face with constant server failures.