Hosting in Europe with Russian support

Which Web Hosting is better to choose?

You need a hosting for Wordpress or resource for another engine? Then you need to come with increased responsibility to web project placement in the network. Hosting providers quantity is great, their tariffs - even more. It is great if you can turn to the pros for help. But ideally, it is better you to know what hosting in Europe with Russian support is better to choose for the site! And for this you need to understand the difference between different types of services and servers.

VPS server hosting for Wordpress and much more

Shared hosting is a service of resource placement in the network, where there are hundreds of sites on a shared server. It is the most affordable option that is appropriate for new or just small projects. Typically, each client gets its disk space, but it "divides" software with other users.

So, if you have a personal blog or online business card of the new company, the virtual hosting - to Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress more than suitable option.

Fees for virtual servers are different. Everything depends on the provided space, traffic, the number of sites and databases, the number of FTP-accounts, and email-addresses. For the novice administrator, which, for example, is looking for hosting for a site on Drupal, the main parameter is disk space. If your resource weighs about 200 MB, choose the tariff with a stock - somewhere in the 0.5 GB.

With the growth of, for example, business card to a growing enterprise resource or blog is becoming more popular with the audience, there may be problems with the availability and the server load warnings. This is an occasion to consider the virtual server as a suitable option for hosting Joomla site and other engines. VPS server hosting is excellent solution for advanced web projects.

Hosting dedicated servers involves placing on a virtual server, which in fact is an independent division of a single physical web server, but with the ability of full control and management. Site owner can install the software to work with files, engage in other tasks. VPS price higher than Shared hosting, but less than that of the physical server. This is a reasonable balance between cost and capability. This, for example, an excellent hosting for Drupal site with a traffic of a few hundred people a day and the peak load in two, three, five or more thousands of views.

Hosting dedicated servers is excellent solution for online store

Dedicated Server - type of accommodation in which the client receives a full dedicated server for their use. This is the optimal solution for projects that require significant resources - large online shopping, visited news portals and social sites, etc.

At your disposal is not only a separate partition and disk space, but all of the functionality and management capabilities. Dedicated server - the correct answer to a question on what hosting is better to create an online store, to ensure reliable operation, it do not depend on the neighbors and look forward with confidence.

Several selection recommendations:

It is recommended to choose hosting in Europe with Russian support- this is an additional guarantee of reliability, security and confidentiality of data.

Resource engine is not that important. The priority is size and loads. So, for example, VPS hosting is suitable for for Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS. But as for hosting social network - a popular and successful, we need not one, but several physical servers.

Not sure of the correct choice - be free to consult with experts. DXCV consultants always available and ready to protect against errors, save your money and nerves!