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What types of hosting service do you need to know


Article will guide you through the hosting service world and introduce to the most popular host types.


Free hosting

- It is usually provided with a limited set of essential services as compared to paid hosting. Service of such hosting is often compensated by the expense of display advertising on the sites.

Shared Hosting

- Web site is hosted on a single server at the same time with many other sites, from a few hundred to several thousand. Typically, all of these sites have equal access to the working of processor time, memory, and a fairly wide range of additional services. Virtual hosting service is often provided by companies as intermediaries between owners of the site and data centers.

Virtual private server (VPS)

- Shared resources of the server so that they do not explicitly depend on what precisely their hardware provided. VPS can be implemented as a means of one or several servers. This virtualization makes it relatively easy to move a virtual server from one physical server to another. Members of the virtual dedicated server can have superuser access within their virtual space, and the users themselves have to maintain a server in operation, in particular, ensure the update server software.

Dedicated server

- Hosting service user gets to use own web server and it completely control (root access on Linux or Windows operating system administrator), however, the user typically does not own the server. A variety of dedicated server is the so-called  Unmanaged server, it is the most inexpensive dedicated server. The user has full administrative access, which involves the user's responsibility for the security of the server and technical support.

Managed server

- The user is given own server, but it does not get full access to its management. Basic settings and basic technical support for the server takes over the hosting service provider that is partly a means to protect the server against unintentional disruption from the server user actions.


- A service similar to the service of a dedicated server. The hosting service company provides the physical space to accommodate the server and ensures its maintenance. This type of hosting provides the greatest opportunities and is also the most expensive. In most cases, the company provides a minimum set of services for server maintenance, which is limited to providing electric power, access to the Internet and your organization's server placement. In most cases, the customer needs to visit the data center when the need for any changes to the hardware of the server.

Cloud hosting

- A relatively new type of hosting service that provides client with scalable hosting resources based on clustered load distribution on the server hardware and pay for services on the actual use of resources.

Grid Hosting

- A kind of distributed hosting is when a server cluster works as a network consisting of many nodes.

Home server

- Usually a single computer located in a private home or apartment, which provides hosting for one or more web sites using conventional broadband Internet connection. It can be custom built computers or often simply old computers. Some ISPs block home servers by banning incoming requests on the 80th TCP port or refusing to provide static the IP-addresses. The usual workaround is to use a Dynamic DNS, automatically changing the IP-address pointed to by URL.


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