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Area of VPS server application

Virtualization of server machine resources was introduced over 30 years ago. During this time VPS servers have evolved considerably, became more stable, secure, convenient and profitable for customers of hosting providers. Hosting has become commonplace, supplanting the market hire dedicated (physical) servers. How VPS servers are used and what are their advantages?

VPS Server: only benefits?

In the CIS countries VPS and VDS server services uses the vast majority of system administrators and web services developers. This is a simple, cheap, and most important convenient way to quickly deploy support for web projects, with full replacement of the functionality of a traditional dedicated in Europe server.

VPS server is a hosting service that is based on the "full virtualization" technologies. This means that in fact, in the process of working on a virtual server the client receives all the benefits of a dedicated server, but at a lower price and remotely.

You'll get:

* A dedicated (static) IP-address;

* Full access to the admin panel (root);

* Quick way to create back-up copies, restore and start the servers;

* Lower rates in high performance server hardware;

* Hosting EU;

* Protection against oversell by the host.

Traditional virtual server has one common operating system core and customers do not have access to system files. This is due to the fact that in this way server stability increases but it greatly reduced the list of client’s options for configuring software and operating systems.

VPS server is better solution for experienced users who know what they are doing and what is the result in the end they want to receive. Otherwise, the server may be due to critical errors and incompatibility of software can cause the stop of their work, become vulnerable.

Each virtual server runs on its own dedicated copy of the virtual core that isolates it from other projects that are physically located on the same server machine. Roughly speaking, virtual dedicated servers are not physically tied to a specific physical server or hardware and can be quickly moved and deployed on any other in Europe server.

The benefits compared to physical servers is obvious - the price of VPS is noticeably cheaper, there is no need to set up server, configure, and support the work of the high-tech and expensive equipment.