What is web hosting and domain

How to place your site on the Internet. Web hosting and domain for the site

Let's say you've created your page / site, but it is located on your computer, because you do not have an idea on how to place it on the Internet. Do not despair; web hosting and domain is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

First, we need to decide free or paid hosting you want to use to place your page / site. To do this, you need to understand what, in fact, you paying for.


What hosting is and where to get a place for the page

If we want to locate a page / site - it is necessary to find a place for it, the Internet places offer special services - hosters. They will provide a place for your page / site on their server - the machine on which specific programs are installed, and which is constantly connected to the network. Actually, the Internet consists of a plurality of such servers connected together.


How to register the page place? What is a domain?  How to get a unique name for the site?

Let's say you decide to register on US domain. Looking neustar.us link to registration page (Create page Register your site - this may be called differently), read carefully the rules and the agreement with the user, carefully fill in the form below. After registering your site address is, for example, jack.businnes.us - this is called the domain of the third level.

Respectively, now every organization can buy in the area of a country domain itself - for example, company.de - this is the second level German domain. At its second-level domain, each company can create any number of third-level domains what free hosters do.

What are the benefits are you given from paid hosters: all different, they have different plans and the services you can find on the site of each host and pick out the right. One of the main advantages for the company or the project - it is your unique name.


How to upload your files (images, html-documents, etc..) when you have web hosting and domain. Programs for download

Now that you've registered, you need to upload files to your page on the host site. Hosters often allow you to do it through their web page. To do this, log in (enter) in its Control Center page on the host website by entering your username and password in the form on the first page. Then everything all will be clear for you, as a general rule, your page control center has an intuitive user interface, and you will understand where to click and what to do easily to upload to your site your documents and pictures.


Parting words

The website of your web hosting and domain provider must be “Help” section, where you will find all the necessary information to log into your site using FTP, as well as, perhaps, the answers to some questions. If you are using a paid hosting company –you must never hesitate to contact support, they are required to respond quickly to your call for help and assist you. This is another advantage over the users of free hosting, support services which are usually overloaded, and can respond to standard, nothing explains letters to the user's question. These are all the steps.