Web hosting services

What is Web Hosting Services?


Types of Web hosting, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of hosting, hosting quality

Web Hosting is a service for websites hosting on dedicated servers and providing access them via the Internet. Companies that provide web hosting services (Hosting Service Providers) isolates the place on their own or a rented server and provide the necessary width of the online channel. Companies can also provide the service of other companies placing servers in their data centers: the so-called co-location service or colocation. It is often called one of the subspecies of hosting and sometimes isolated as a separate type of service.

Possibilities of web hosting services may differ substantially. The easiest type of hosting is one page websites placement, downloaded via FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) or Web interface, and the files are usually saved on the server without changes. Many ISPs offer this service for free to their clients. Hosting personal websites usually costs quite cheap or even free of charge (often on the condition of ads display on your site).

E-commerce sites hosting is usually more expensive. Personal websites are usually one page. Large websites or online shop require a whole set of additional services, such as service placement database and development platforms (eg PHP, Python, Java, and others) needed to install the software, which provides job forums and content management site .


Web hosting services provider can also provide a control panel to manage your web site and web server, as well as to install the necessary Web services, such as e-mail box. A number of companies is specializing in certain types of hosting, such as e-commerce. Their services are usually used by large companies, employing a hosting company to perform work related to the technical side of the work with the network.


Quality hosting (uptime)

Hosting uptime - the percentage of time web hosting services was in working order. Many hosting providers claim that ensure uptime of at least 99.9% (this corresponds approximately to less than 2 minutes of access per day or a maximum of 45 minutes per month), but not always meant by this is the percentage of real time. Some hosting providers to attract more customers indicate the time availability of the hosting as a percentage of the server time, which leads to a significant overestimation of the result compared with the observed uptime. Far few hosting providers allow for uptime when determining the value of their services, but some still reduce the cost Accidental uptime decrease below a certain threshold.


Get web hosting services

Web hosting is often provided as part of the basic set of internet service provider. The user must first assess the amount of resources that will consume the site. In particular, should determine the need for database software to implement scripting languages ??and the required operating system. Most hosting providers use Linux on their servers and a wide range of software. A common configuration for Linux-based server is the LAMP platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP / Perl / Python. Clients web hosting may also need other services: e-mail, database, multimedia services, data, etc. Web hosting plans often include a content management system websites to not burden the user maintenance aspects. You always can test web hosting services from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.