cPanel web hosting

cPanel - universal and reliable hosting management tool.


Complete control with cPanel web hosting

What is cPanel? First of all, it is the ability to manage all aspects of your hosting, using a single interface. Common users of this panel will be comfortable with thought-out graphical user interface, quick installation of plug-ins and add-ons, components, and automatically update the broadest support for modules and services for any type of web project.


Advanced functionality cPanel web hosting with WHM is ideal for resellers


Resellers and system administrators have even more opportunities through WHM instruments. cPanel / WHM allows you personally configure the tariff packages, choose the most convenient billing panel and connect it through a variety of payment methods to control access and functionality for each user. Of particular interest to resellers, but the possibility of building its own brand, adding the logo and adjusting the skin to its customers.


Types and features of cPanel


Absolutely all customers who have purchased DCXV web hosting have at their disposal all the features of the control panel cPanel: from personal mail to setting up the configuration of web-statistics, and database management. If you've never tried and cPanel and are not familiar with the interface, it is possible to get to know it, looking at the cPanel demo. To work with dedicated servers you can use cPanel / WHM, which can also be ordered separately.


For users of cPanel web hosting fron DCXV Compan:

  • Easy and convenient. cPanel control panel has very user-friendly and intuitive interface, complete with detailed video instructions on how to set up functional. This allows the user to carry out most of the action on the hosting management, without the help of system administrators.
  • Purchasing cPanel web hosting you can in just a few minutes 'lift' the website. Connect the different modules of the site, without leaving the control panel. Choose the desired functionality and install add-ons in a few clicks.
  • Safety and anti-spam. cPanel includes a built-in security tools from different types of attacks, as well as filtering email spam, and most viruses.
  • Backup and statistics. Using the control panel cPanel, you get the ability to automatically back up their websites and analyze the statistics of visits to your site.
  • Multilingual. Choose the language in which you prefer to communicate with the server.

You always can test cPanel web hosting from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.