cPanel reseller hosting

Organize own cPanel reseller hosting business


Reselling hosting - this is your opportunity to organize your own hosting company and selling hosting under your brand. In fact, this is your business with our technical support. Business does not require significant financial because almost all of investments and staff are securing by DCXV.


Four simple steps - and you are cPanel reseller hosting owner:

Step 1: Think of a name for the company and we will register the domain for you;

Step 2: Create sales plan and we will give you a package to suit all your requirements;

Step 3: Set the price and we will arrange your billing system;

Step 4: Sell services, and all matters related to hosting, we take upon ourselves, while remaining invisible to your customers, help and advice that is only yours.

Working with DCXV as a reseller hosting, you can organize your business on the local market and abroad. There are no restrictions and the enormous potential on the world stage, through access to datacenters in UK, Lithuania, Germany.

That kind of cooperation gives you access to wholesale prices.  Retail price is setting by you! Adjust rates, make your system of discounts and we will take care of technical issues. Reselling hosting - this is a great way to make money without the expense and effort.


For cPanel reseller hosting users:

  • Branding for 5 minutes. What is cPanel reseller? It is a powerful and versatile tool, which allows you to build your own brand. Upload the logo to be displayed on the panel from your customers, add the billing system with different methods of payment, fully monitor packages and accounts of your clients.
  • Ample opportunities of billing. You can create an unlimited number of hosting packages, depending on the needs and preferences of clients. Adjust not only quotas for bandwidth and disk space, but also additional services such as SSH-access, SSL-certificates, domains and much more.
  • DNS-Records Management. WHM allows the reseller's own DNS-manage client accounts. You do not need to contact the support, all the changes in domain zones can be done directly in WHM.

You always can test cPanel reseller hosting from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.