Cheap web hosting plans

Cheap web hosting plans from DCXV Company


Tariff plan is an element of the billing system, the main purpose of which restriction of the user's actions and billing services. Tariff plan defines a set of available services and their cost, as well as some basic properties (such as minimum balance, in which block the account, the minimum balance in which to prohibit services that balance the output format etc.).

Cheap web hosting plans for virtual SSD-hosting from DCXV framed in such a way as to meet the needs of the owners of any number of sites. In addition, the convenient hosting service control system – Personal cabinet allows our customers to manage an unlimited number of hosting accounts with different tariffs.

All cheap web hosting plans support the work of php, python, perl programming languages. It allows you to create advanced websites with dynamically changing content at any rate. When you add a new site, the customer can choose the appropriate version of php or python for your site.


Technologies available for all cheap web hosting plans:


  • Control Panel website cPanel (15 languages)
  • Zend Guard Loader
  • ionCube PHP Loader
  • Perl
  • SSI
  • WAP
  • .htaccess
  • error pages
  • statistics systems
  • access to log-files
  • mail forwarding
  • mail aliases
  • fast hosting



Traffic for all cheap web hosting plans

Unlimited traffic does not extend to file archives websites (graphics, music, software) for file distribution or provision of a wide range of users to download the text or other files, regardless of their content, to play music or video files from our server, and to hosting accounts, which is fixed in use for more than 50% of the available resources of the tariff plan. In these cases, the traffic is not over the limit of 500 GB to 1 month.


Tariff plan change:

  • with greater price - to pay the difference between the tariffs, with the only changes the tariff validity period remains unchanged (the change rate is made available in the billing panel after registration)
  • with less cost - free, on-demand to customer support


Additional Information.


For all tariff plans: sending e-mail messages from a single account limited to 200 emails per hour to prevent automated spam submissions. The domain is registered with your name. If you want to change in the future, hosting, domain will still be yours, you will have full ownership of the domain name management.


If you can not find a suitable cheap web hosting plans - contact with DCXV sales or support and we select for your individual plan.