Web hosting provider

What is web hosting service?

If you have a website, you probably are familiar with the concept of "hosting" and for those who are faced with this concept for the first time, offer a look at our article. Internet, like any activity area, has a certain set of specific terms and definitions, to the list of which hosting can be attributed.


Terms of hosting service

Hosting is a service for the site storage and placement of data on the server hardware, permanently connected to the network. Through to this service all sites are available to on the Internet. There are several types of hosting:. A dedicated, virtual, etc. Most often users are choosing a virtual type of hosting while large internet projects give preference to other types. In addition, web hosting service is also referred to deploy the client equipment in the provider. The client provided its connection to the communication channels with high bandwidth.


What does web hosting service include?

In order to be as accurate as possible and just explain it for casual visitor. Hosting - is to some extent is the apartment for site. To all the visible elements of the site, such as text, pictures, video and audio files could be available to everyone they must be stored somewhere. They are stored on the hard drives of certain computers - on the host’s server hardware. The difference between these computers from other computers is that they should always be switched on and connected to the Internet. Addressing to some hosting provider it will offer you some interaction terms, and you need to decide whether they are suitable for you.

Professional web hosting service providers, in most cases, provides the user with its own mail box, equipped with antivirus and anti-spam. And perhaps provide more mailboxes with different names but the same domain name, which is very important for corporate users of the website and e-mail services.

It should be noted that cheap hosting companies are not intended to use PHP, PERL, APACHE, mySQL databases and other technical features. But this applies only to the cheapest tariffs available to everyone, so to get quality hosting with all the tools you can find affordable one. Try european  web hosting service from DCXV Company.