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Service of hosted server from in Europe from DCXV Company

Data center DCXV provides its customers with a full range of server hosting services. Here you can rent a server and place your own equipment. The data center criterion of the quality is its high reliability and quick access to the resources deployed in it. For our clients we can guarantee both.

Hosted server availability is guaranteed on 99% level. The data center complies with tier2 + standard, which means that most data center sites are duplicated, the failure of one element does not affect the operation of the data center.

High speed access to data center servers is provided by a good network connectivity. We enable parity with all major EU providers. The excess capacity of international channels is 70% which withstand traffic spikes by providing hosted server service at the highest level.

Your hosted server deserves the best

  • Uninterrupted power supply for hosted server service is provided by two electrical inputs from different substations, uninterruptible power supply system, such as online, through which flows all power data center and a diesel generator. UPS starts automatically after a power failure, and is able to provide work around the clock until the resumption of regular supply.

  • High quality channels. The data center DCXV opened two optical-fiber communication lines. They held to the data center by different routes, providing protection against "meteorite falling". At the point of presence, we are connected to the traffic exchange network at a speed of 10 Gbit / sec, as well as to the main providers. Thus, we reserve the European communication channels. Due to the excellent network connectivity Ping in Ukraine does not exceed 1 ms, with a in Russia, France, Germany 30 ms.

  • Air conditioning system. During designing a cooling system we used by the principle of redundancy 2N. This means that the number of air conditioners in twice their desired amount. Because of this, the failure of even two air conditioners in hot weather will not affect the temperature in the room machine room, providing a stable climate. Temperature monitoring system monitors the temperature at two points in the rack, and can run an additional conditioning if needed.

You always can test hosted server service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.