Host reseller program in Europe

New host reseller program from DCXV Company

Under the terms of the host reseller program, you will be able to set own rates for services, carry out actions etc. Host reseller allows partners to interact directly with customers, freeing them from the need to manage the technical infrastructure. Unique technological solutions in conjunction with special software allow to fully automate the process of providing services.

New host reseller program opens new opportunities in own company development, that includes:

Expanding the range of services without additional investments.

Stable source of additional income.

The increase in income from basic services.

Additional profit from customer base.

Reducing the time for services.

Full automation, leading to a reduction in personnel costs.

Terms of host reseller program

Reselling Program was made for the resale of our services to third parties and not to obtain discounts on existing servers. Therefore, no transfers of existing servers on these accounts, and between them can not be carried out.

Resellers must create such conditions of service for its customers, which cover all the restrictions imposed by the conditions for providing services FirstVDS. Attempts to poach existing customers of DCXV are absolutely unacceptable.

DCXV host reseller partner receives a ready-business platform, which includes all the necessary services for providing hosting and cloud services: billing, the interface of mutual settlements system for receiving electronic payments services control panel for customers and much more. This platform supports the ability to change the design (branding) under the corporate partner's style. DCXV adjusts the basic elements of the platform`s re-branding, corporate partner style:

logo installation;

change the interface color scheme;

increase of income from basic services.

setting tariff plans;

Settings of notifications.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of host reseller and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.