The best host a server

What do You need host a server

What is hosting servers? Why is it needed? What it refers to this concept? Who uses such services? Who does need to host a server? There can be a huge amount of such questions. If you are one of those who want to get an answer, then all you need to do to get the desired result - to the end to read this publication.

If you're wondering how to host a server, then surely you know what is the Internet and the web site. The last, incidentally, is in need of hosting services for day and night rotation on the Internet. That is, hosting services - is the placement of third-party site on the Web server.

Based on this definition, the next question: what is a web server? Web server, or a server - a hardware and software solution (computer symbiosis and a special program, or system), whose main task is to process and store information, as well as access a variety of other computers to the data stored on your site.

So, knowing what does it mean to host a server, you can finally give a definition of the concept, which is the topic of this publication - hosting servers. Thus, the server hosting - services on placement of third-party web servers and equipment at certain "site" (dedicated server). In other words, the server maintenance and access to the network, as well as uninterruptible power supply network.

When you compare web hosting and server hosting, the first is much more popular and in demand. And the reason for this difference of consumer interests of the masses only that hosting of servers require fairly large sites. In this case, the server hosts a site (or multiple sites), email, and any other relevant information and services.

Based on the above, you can decide what service of host a server are the same everywhere. However, this is not true. In fact, hosting servers, depending on who owns the equipment, divided into two categories:

  • Dedicated server - providing the client with a specific physical server configuration, and deployment. This type of hosting is also called a dedicated server;

  • Hardware Hosting - involves placing the equipment on the site or server provider, which belongs to the client. This type of hosting is called colocation.

So, if you prefer hardware hosting, that is, the location of equipment or server, in this case the DCXV Data Center staff will not have access to the server software, as well as information that is stored on it, we only will host a server. Server administration rights, as well as full control of the servers and equipment is up to the client.

If you choose a dedicated server, you get the server to use one of the standard configurations, and we will host a server on our technical areas. Users of hosting gets the right to administer the server and complete control over it. He might even reinstall the OS. DCXV Data Center employees after the transfer of the client server does not have access to the information stored on it, and software.