FreeBSD dedicated server

Review of FreeBSD dedicated server from DCXV Company

The best solution in those cases when it is necessary to have a powerful hosting with powerful resources, will be the use of a dedicated server. The provider gives the customer who ordered this service, powerful physical server. Rented machine configured by qualified personnel. The client receives a separate server and becomes the full owner of the disk space, memory and other resources. He chooses the server operating system that suits him and he can deal with its administration.

Advantages that determined use FreeBSD as server OS

Regarding the operating system, the client has the ability to install on a dedicated Windows server, Linux or FreeBSD. Features of the last-mentioned systems make it the best possible choice for those who want to use a relatively cheap dedicated server with a reliable software, perfectly protected from viruses and hackers attacks. FreeBSD dedicated server optimally uses the resources of computer technology, easy to install, supports a huge number of the most modern equipment and allows the use of a variety of software.

The main FreeBSD difference is that it was originally designed as a server operating system. So with FreeBSD dedicated server you will get a complete operating system: all its elements (core, drivers, user programs) are parts of a single tree control system version. The core of the system is integral and complete logical structure. Actually this and is defined by its reliability, which has led to its wide use for servers: experts estimate about 40% of Internet servers in Europe is running this operating system. FreeBSD dedicated servers capable of continuously and smoothly run for a very long time.

Besides stunning unusual reliability FreeBSD is absolutely free. Any user has the right to use it without charge, even for commercial purposes. Open FreeBSD code implies the freedom to receive and use the source code of any application. Of course, there are limits, but they are minimal.

Minor flaws of FreeBSD dedicated server

FreeBSD disadvantage is the complexity of its installation and configuration problems with installing drivers for some devices, lack of access to the documentation, and a small amount of literature. All of them will be insignificant with the arrival of a certain skill in the administration of the OS. The interface will be familiar, driver and literature appear, and after mastering the settings configuration files and development work with the command line, users will wonder how they had felt comfortable administration of the Windows operating system.

If you do not want to get involved in installing the FreeBSD administration, simply by ordering a dedicated server in the DCXV data center, select the type of operating system, which would like to see on your server, our system administrators will install free themselves all the required software.